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Athletic Programs

2016-2018 Classifications by Sport by Number
2016-2018 Classifications of Sports
Reclassification 2015-2017
15-16 Student Athlete Award WINNERS

The Alabama Independent School Association's Athletic Program Offers a Variety of Opportunities for Participation for Boys and Girls in the Following Areas:  Local, Regional, District and State


Class A: The Lakeside School
Class AA: Edgewood Academy
Class AAA: Tuscaloosa Academy

  • Concussion Rule for All Sports:
The AISA Athletic Committee voted unanimously on July 28, 2010 to approve the following concerning player concussions:
Any player who shows signs or symptoms associated with a concussion shall not return to play in any sport until cleared by a medical doctor.
  • Please refer to the NFHS Rules Book that your school was issued at the Annual Coaches’ Meeting.

AISA Concussion Requirement for all Sports
AISA Concussion Policy Form

  • AISA ATHLETIC HANDBOOK, GENERAL INFORMATION, PAGE 8--Note: It is the responsibility of the school to notify in writing the AISA office of any ejection of a coach or player within 48 hours. There will be a $100.00 fine for failure to report ejections. A player or coach ejected for conduct reasons from any playoff and/or final game of the sports season will be fined $250.00.

  • The 2015-2016 Gate Admission Fees: Gate Admission Fees:  $7.00 adults $5.00 students: Regular season play, Tournament play, Double headers and Jamborees.  $7.00 Admission for Everyone:  Playoffs, All-Stars, Championship Finals.   $15.00 Admission for Everyone:  Tripleheader Football Championships.  Effective 12-10-13, admission to AISA State Athletic Events is $7.00 adults and students.

Sports Official Bill and Sportsmanship

AISA Sportsmanship Statement Please announce prior to each athletic event
Sports Official Bill Please announce prior to each athletic event

    “Student-athletes transferring from a home school and/or a non-traditional school program will be eligible for AISA interscholastic athletics, if all AISA eligibility requirements have been met. AISA schools are not allowed to play home school teams in any sport.

  • National Center for Sports Safety: Please note contact information has changed as follows:
    National Center for Sports Safety; 2301 Morris Ave. Suite 105; Birmingham, Alabama 35203; Phone: 205-329-7535 or 7508; Fax: 205-329-7526; Toll-Free: 1-866-508-NCSS (6277);; Online Sports Safety Course:

Association Ball Adoption -

The AISA has officially adopted the following balls for play in:


Tripleheader Championships and All-Star Competition
Spalding J5V Advance (62-8998)


Regionals, Final Four and All-Star Competition
in Ladies' and Men’s Play
Spalding TF1000 ZK Pro
(Men 64-4968 and Women 64-4988)


Regionals, State Tournament and All-Star Competition
Spalding TF1500 Composite OR TF3000 Leather

Spalding TF5000 Leather – AISA Championship


State Tournament and All-Star Competition
43147 Dudley Thunder
Heat, Leather Cover NFHS


State Tournament and All-Star Competition
41100 HS Spalding Pro

Series, Premium Full Grain Leather NFHS