AISA has been serving independent schools in Alabama since 1970.

Ball Adoption

The AISA has officially adopted the following balls for play in:

  • Football
    Spalding J5V Advance (62-8998) OR TF-SB1
  • Basketball
    Spalding TF1000 ZK Pro (Men 64-4968 and Women 64-4988)
  • Volleyball
    Spalding TF1500 Composite OR TF3000 Leather Spalding TF5000 Leather – AISA Championship
  • Softball
    43147 Dudley Thunder Heat, Leather Cover NFHS
  • Baseball

Benefits of Membership

Member schools have voluntarily joined the AISA and follow the guidelines and standards in order to provide a quality school and in order to provide a quality school program.

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