AISA has been serving independent schools in Alabama since 1970.



Montgomery, AL, Emory Folmar YMCA Complex - April 20-21, 2017

AISA State Soccer 2016 Results

Girls' State Champion:  Glenwood School
Boys' State Champion:  Tuscaloosa Academy

All Tournament

Lele Goldsmith, Tuscaloosa AcademyCorey Colvin, Lyman Ward Military Academy
Charolette Angiano, Tuscaloosa AcademyGabe Brown, Lyman Ward Military Academy
Avalon Pernell, Tuscaloosa AcademyTom Young, Lyman Ward Military Academy
Teri Hodge, Glenwood SchoolWat Adair, Tuscaloosa Academy
Jordyn Wheeler, Glenwood SchoolWeston Hamiter, Tuscaloosa Academy
Mackenzie Morefield, Glenwood SchoolRobins Boner, Tuscaloosa Academy
MVP:  Whitley Anderson, Glenwood SchoolMVP:  Yunus Eskin, Tuscaloosa Academy

Benefits of Membership

Member schools have voluntarily joined the AISA and follow the guidelines and standards in order to provide a quality school and in order to provide a quality school program.

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