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AISA has been serving independent schools in Alabama since 1970.


Headmaster Announcements

  • HEADMASTERS' ASSOCIATION DUES: Headmasters' Association Dues - $150.00. The Secretary/Treasurer is Dee Bennett so checks should be forwarded to her attention at The Lakeside School; 1020 Lake Dr.; Eufaula, AL 36027.   Other officers elected are: Dr. John Mehaffey, Chambers Academy - President; Becky Baggett, Pike Liberal Arts School - Vice-President and Julie Kelly- ex-officio. Please forward any concerns or ideas to one of these individuals. Being a member of the Headmasters' Association, qualifies you to have an applicant for the Headmasters' Association Scholarship.

Academic Notes

Accreditation Notes

Athletic Director Notes

  • AISA COACHES' ASSOCIATION DUES OF $150 ARE DUE NOVEMBER 1, 2016. Make your check payable to AISA Coaches' Association, and mail to Coach Glynn Lott, Coaches' Association President; Macon East Academy; 15396 Vaughn Rd.; Cecil, AL; 36013 $150.00 for all schools--after November 1, 2014 dues will go to $250.00. 
  • CONCUSSION RULE FOR ALL SPORTS: The AISA Athletic Committee voted unanimously on July 28, 2010 to approve the following concerning player concussions: Any player who shows signs or symptoms associated with a concussion shall not return to play in any sport until cleared by a medical doctor. Please refer to the  NFHS Rules Book that your school was issued at the Annual Coaches’ Meeting. Click here for more information or policy forms
  • AISA ATHLETIC HANDBOOK, GENERAL INFORMATION, PAGE 6--Note: It is the responsibility of the school to notify in writing the AISA office of any ejection of a coach or player within 48 hours. There will be a $100.00 fine for failure to report ejections. A player or coach ejected for conduct reasons from any playoff and/or final game of the sports season will be fined $250.00.
  • THE 2016-2017 GATE ADMISSION FEES: Gate Admission Fees:  $7.00 adults $5.00 students: Regular season play, Tournament play, Double headers and Jamborees.  $7.00 Admission for Everyone:  Playoffs, All-Stars, Championship Finals.   $15.00 Admission for Everyone:  Tripleheader Football Championships.  Effective 12-10-13, admission to AISA State Athletic Events is $7.00 adults and students.
  • AISA STATE CHAMPIONSHIP PROGRAM: The AISA does not sponsor an AISA state championship program below the level of varsity athletics.
  • ATTENTION ATHLETIC COMMITTEE: The next Athletic Committee Meeting is scheduled for March 29, 2017 at the AISA office, 10:00 a.m.
  • SPORTS OFFICIAL BILL AND SPORTSMANSHIP: Please announce AISA Sportsmanship Statement and Sports Officials Bill prior to each athletic event. Click here to read these statements
  • STUDENT-ATHLETIC TRANSFERS: The AISA Office must be notified immediately in writing by receiving school of any student-athlete transferring in from a member school. (Item 10, Letter F, Page 15 Athletic Handbook)
  • ACADEMIC REQUIREMENTS FOR 2016-17:   Courses taken in summer school shall be considered an extension of the school year and credits earned in summer school may be used in determining scholastic eligibility of students. Independent Study and tutorial type courses may not be used for athletic eligibility purposes.  All summer school work and approved correspondence/on-line courses  may be used for eligibility purposes but final grades must be in and recorded on student's transcript on the Monday prior to the AISA’s third playing date for football (September 5, 2016).  A student is allowed a maximum of two (2) units in summer school to establish eligibility for the fall semester.  Clarification:  Summer school is defined as any coursework  begun after end of 2nd semester (as stated on AISA calendar) and concluded by the deadline set by the AISA.
  • HOME SCHOOL OPPONENTS: PLEASE TAKE NOTE OF THE FOLLOWING IMPORTANT PROPOSAL/POLICY: “Student-athletes transferring from a home school and/or a non-traditional school program will be eligible for AISA interscholastic athletics, if all AISA eligibility requirements have been met. AISA schools are not allowed to play home school teams in any sport (exception ACSC).
  • NATIONAL CENTER FOR SPORTS SAFETY: Please note contact information has changed as follows: National Center for Sports Safety; 2301 Morris Ave. Suite 105; Birmingham, Alabama 35203; Phone: 205-329-7535 or 7508; Fax: 205-329-7526; Toll-Free: 1-866-508-NCSS (6277);; Online Sports Safety Course:
  • PHYSICAL EXAMINATION FOR ALL AISA ATHLETES/CHEERLEADERS: Refer to Physical Exam Form and Medical History Form in the Appendix of your AISA Athletic Handbook. Call the AISA office if you have questions.
  • COACHES, CALL YOUR SCORES IN: Birmingham News: 800-283-4024; Mobile Register: 800-239-1340 or 251-219-5669, Mike Herndon; Montgomery Advertiser: 800-488-3579 or 334-240-0190, Sports; Selma Times: 334-410-1740 (sports desk) 334-875-2110 (Times-Journal mainline); Tuscaloosa News: 205-722-0223 or Watch Line 866-400-8477.

Athletic Announcements





  • AISA STATE BASEBALL TOURNAMENT at Paterson Field, Montgomery AL, May 9-10-11, 2017
  • AISA STATE SOFTBALL TOURNAMENT at Lagoon Park, Montgomery, AL, May 5-6, 2017


  • AISA STATE GOLF April 24-25, 2017, Saugahatchee Country Club, Opelika, AL


  • AISA STATE SOCCER TOURNAMENT in Montgomery, AL on April 20-21, 2017


  • AISA STATE TENNIS TOURNAMENT at Lagoon Park, Montgomery, AL, on April 10-11, 2017


  • AISA STATE TRACK AND FIELD MEET in Gulf Shores, AL on April 12-13, 2017
  • Track Meets in Selma, AL, sponsored by Morgan Academy, will be on the following dates:
    March 13, April 3
    For more info, please contact Josh Thacker at 334-875-4464 or
  • Track meets Escambia Academy will be hosting this year:  
    Wednesday March 1 @ 12:00
    Wednesday March 29 @ 12:00
    Junior High Track Meet Saturday, April 8
  • Lee-Scott Academy will host an Invitational Track Meet on Saturday, April 1st.  All interested schools need to contact Christy Garner (  The meet will begin at 10am.  


  • EAST CHEERLEADER CLINIC at Huntingdon College July 10-13, 2017
  • WEST CHEERLEADER CLINIC at Huntingdon College July 17-20, 2017
  • CHEERLEADER CAMP RATES:  Cheerleaders - $315.00  Sponsors - $245.00

Benefits of Membership

Member schools have voluntarily joined the AISA and follow the guidelines and standards in order to provide a quality school and in order to provide a quality school program.

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