The AISA proudly maintains an agency partnership with Cognia and serves as the Lead Agency in this partnership.  This partnership allows schools to obtain both AISA and Cognia accreditation through one seamless process, with the AISA serving as the managing partner in this process and utilizing Cognia’s unique protocols and platforms.

The AISA is focused on quality and continuous school improvement in the independent school environment. Quality is about the dynamic combination of inputs, processes, and results working in harmony to achieve the school’s vision for student learning. The Cognia Standards for Quality Schools and AISA Assurances provide this comprehensive view of quality.  Schools should use the standards and AISA Assurances to focus on the end goal of quality. The educational practices referenced in the AISA Accreditation Manual can be used to support both the AISA Assurances and the corresponding Cognia Standards for Quality Schools when schools are looking for a guidepost.  The practices highlighted in the manual are examples of benchmarks of good practice.

If you would like more information, regarding AISA/Cognia accreditation, please contact our office.

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