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The AISA State Creative Writing entries are due in the AISA office by December 14, 2023. When submitting your creative writings, please submit an entry form for each writing.

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2023-2024 Creative Writing Prompt: I’m Glad You Called: The person whom you or your character has been trying to call for ages finally answers the phone. Who is this person? Why have you or your character been trying to track them down for so long? How does the phone conversation go?

1.  Students in Grades 3-12 are eligible to compete in the AISA Creative Writing Contest at the state level. Writing divisions are grades 3-5, grades 6-8, grades 9-10, and grades 11-12. 

    2.  Each school may conduct its own contest to establish a winning entry from each division which will be sent to the AISA for the state competition.

    3.  School competition will be conducted according to the AISA state format and procedures.

    4.  A new topic or theme will be posted on the AISA website to give the student some direction and/or guidance. It is not an opening line and not required to be included in the student’s work.

    5.  Entries must be handwritten, 250 words or fewer. Word count should be posted at the end of the entry.

    6.  Entries must be of good taste and not contain profanity or violent material.

    7.  No student or school names should appear anywhere on the entry. This information should be listed on the entry form provided. This form must be signed by the teacher or school sponsor. The only identifying information on the entry should be the division represented. Entries will not be returned to the schools.

    8.  Entries which fail to comply with the rules will be disqualified.

    9.  Entries must be submitted to the AISA office with the State Entry Form according to the due date posted on the website. Winners will be notified by the AISA and posted on the website.

   10.  Judging will be based on the following criteria:

         a. Creativity – 50%

         b. Spelling and Grammar – 25%

         c. Content – 25%

Judging forms are worksheets for the judge’s use only.


  1. A gold medal will be presented for first place in each division.
  2. A silver medal will be awarded for 2nd place in each division.

2022-2023 Creative Writing Results

Grades 3 – 5

            1st Place           Andrew Ray                            Bayside Academy

            2nd Place          Owen Henderson                    Glenwood School

Grades 6 – 8

            1st Place           Parker Hewston                      Morgan Academy

            2nd Place          Hartwell Church                      The Donoho School

Grades 9 – 10

            1st Place           Gavin Hewston                       Morgan Academy

            2nd Place          Emily Collins                            Pickens Academy

Grades 11 – 12

            1st Place           Isabelle Rutland                      Bayside Academy

            2nd Place          John Beekman Youngblood    Morgan Academy

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