AISA Cheerleading Competition – November 7, 2020 – Garrett Coliseum, Montgomery, AL

AISA Cheerleading Camp – June 21-24, 2021 – Troy University, Troy, AL

30 Second Timeouts:
  Cheerleaders are not to perform on the playing floor during 30 second timeouts. 

Please review your National Federation Spirit Rules Book in regard to “tosses”, pages 34-35.  
It is your responsibility to follow these rules to ensure the safety of our students–no basket tosses by cheerleaders without a mat!

Cheer Competition 2020

Small JV
Runner up- Lowndes Academy
Champion- Edgewood Academy 

Medium JV
Runner up- Southern Academy
Champion- Patrician Academy 

Large JV
Runner up- Morgan Academy
Champion- Pike Liberal Arts School

Small VA
Runner up- Edgewood Academy
Champion- Morgan Academy 

Medium VA
Runner up- The Lakeside School
Champion- Pike Liberal Arts School 

Large VA
Runner up- Bessemer Academy
Champion- Glenwood School