President’s Award

The President’s Award was established by the AISA for the specific purpose of recognizing member schools that achieve academic excellence during the school year and it is awarded to only one school per academic classification, which are based on student enrollment. 

The criteria for winning the AISA President’s Award includes achievement in all areas of school excellence such as: academic achievement, professional development, extra-curricular involvement, school improvement and other activities that celebrate excellence in education. In addition, this award also serves as a symbol of recognition to the individuals who have given unselfishly of their time to serve as President to the Alabama Independent School Association.

2022-2023 President’s Award Winners:

Class ASpringwood School
Class AAMorgan Academy
Class AAALee-Scott Academy
K-8 DivisionRiverhill School

If you want your school to receive consideration for the President’s Award, please provide the information requested based on the President’s Award criteria.  Participation is optional, but strongly encouraged.  Written documentation is required on all items marked with an asterisk (missing documentation will result in a loss of points.)  

*NOTE:  President’s Award entry is a requirement for Blue Ribbon Schools.

President’s Award Application K-12th
President’s Award Application K-8th

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