Science Fair

The District Science Fair will be on January 20, 2022.  District host schools are reminded to email their results to the AISA office as soon as district competitions are completed.  

The 2022 AISA State Science Fair will be held on January 28, 2022 at Huntingdon College Wilson Gym, Montgomery.

Contest Information and State Entry Form


Elementary Biological Science

  • 1st –   Hudson Beadle, Riverhill School
  • 2nd –  Avery Kyser, Macon East Academy
  • 3rd –   Brannon Murphy, Abbeville Christian Academy

Elementary Physical Science

  • 1st – Drew McIlwain, South Choctaw Academy
  • 2nd – Sam Judah McLendon, Fort Dale Academy
  • 3rd –  Dalton Teague, Springwood School

Junior High Biological Science

  • 1st –  Marlee Williams, South Choctaw Academy
  • 2nd – Jamie Pack, Coosa Valley Academy
  • 3rd –  Anna Webster, Lee-Scott Academy

Junior High Physical Science

  • 1st –  Trinity Thomas, Coosa Valley Academy
  • 2nd – Miles Zachry, Lee-Scott Academy
  • 3rd –  Emma Lewis, Jackson Academy

Senior High Biological Science

  • 1st –  Jack Alford, Wilcox Academy
  • 2nd –  Rebecca Howard, Chambers Academy
  • 3rd –  Kathryn Hughes, Autauga Academy

Senior High Physical Science

  • 1st –  Kaitlin Harris, Bessemer Academy
  • 2nd – Laird Landers, Lee-Scott Academy
  • 3rd –  Mikayla Criss, Bessemer Academy
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