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What is AISA?

The Alabama Independent School Association is an organization of independent schools in Alabama seeking to to provide a quality school program for the students of Alabama. AISA’s mission is to serve independent schools in the state of Alabama by providing its member schools with educational and corporate services and programs focusing on excellence in academics, accreditation, and athletics.

Benefits of Membership

The Process

Step One:

Complete the application and return it to the AISA office along with the $150.00 application fee. You can now fill out the application electronically or by sending in a physical copy.

Step Two:

Once your application has been processed, our office will contact you for more information specific to your membership request and to arrange a prospective member visit.

Step Three:

Following the visit, the AISA Executive Director will make a membership recommendation to the AISA State Board, and the AISA State Board will make the final decision on all memberships.

AISA Membership Interest Form

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